Riva S Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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What we think in the Inner Sanctum:

Riva makes the best Bluetooth portable speakers you can buy. A bold statement?  Yes, but we stand by it.

First, The Turbo X was introduced as a top-of-the-line statement. Perhaps the finest portable Bluetooth speaker anywhere. Now, with the Riva S, they pack an amazing amount of sonic greatness into a tiny package.

Seven drivers and 30 watts of power live inside the modern 7.5" X 2.5" X 2.6" case. With aptX Bluetooth technology and the ability to pair two speakers together for stereo sound, this is a speaker that cannot be beat.

Avaialble in black or white.


From the manufacturer:

The RIVA S is a revolutionary wireless Bluetooth® speaker o ering an unmatched personal entertainment system loaded with all of the audio and features you could want for on-the-go modern lifestyles. RIVA S delivers world-class audio by combining our proprietary TrilliumTM technology for truly immersive sound and TrilliumTM Surround for an enhanced movie & gaming experience. Packed with 30 watts of power, a 13 hour battery playing time at 70 dB, Charge Out for your phone, tablet or wearable devices, a high performance echo cancelling speakerphone, a Power Mode to boost volume by 4 dB, Party Mode so two devices can connect simultaneously to one RIVA S, Phono Mode to play your favorite vinyl, and TrueWirelessTM to connect two RIVA S speakers for left and right stereo play — R I V A i s A NEW PHILOSOPHY OF SOUND!


Take your sound to the next level by connecting two RIVA S speakers wirelessly to create right and left channel stereo.


RIVA S is more than just a portable Bluetooth® speaker. We provide more inputs for you to enjoy more content.

  • 3.5 mm Analog connector
  • Micro-USB Type B connector for music

playback and software updates

  • USB Type A Charge Out
  • DC Power connector
  • Illuminated battery status
  • Battery On/O switch to conserve battery life when not in use.


Retain the full integrity of original audio and impressive dynamic range with CSR aptX® and Bluetooth®.


The RIVA Difference! TrilliumTM is ADX’sTM proprietary 3-channel audio technology that enlarges audio image while allowing the power of the audio to be reproduced. What does this mean for you? You get truly immersive sound with deep,powerful bass.


Multi-dimensional surround sound designed to enhance the audio-visual experience of movies, video games, TV and more.



  • Dual-mic speakerphone with noise and echo processing technology to improve audio quality during conference calls.
  • RIVA S’ automatic teleconferencing EQ setting maximizes the mid range to deliver crystal clear voice.


  • Power Mode is perfect to use with quieter recordings so you can raise the volume by up to 4 dB.

Note: Power Mode will reduce your battery playing time by up to 40%.


The RIVA S audio design utilizes high performance acoustic components to deliver unparalleled audio quality in a mobile package.

  • 30 watts of power
  • Seven unique ADXTM drivers that reproduce more of the musical spectrum than any comparable product.
  • Proprietary 3-channel amplifier with advanced digital signal processing to maximize audio quality.


Imagine all of the audio you can fill 13 hours with!

Note: These hours are approximate based on averages as tested in the RIVA labs with various music content at 70 dB.


Adds up to 9 dB of gain to the speaker’s output to account for the inherently weaker signal coming from a turntable. This mode also bypasses the automatic gain control in the DSP for the auxiliary input, providing a clean, uncompressed signal to the amplifier. No other Bluetooth speaker has the capability to play vinyl like this.


Pair two devices to one RIVA S for multi-user control.


Convenient remote control app in multiple languages to operate the RIVA S directly from mobile devices and personalize your audio streaming experience. The app allows you to change the app background color, audio prompts and much more. Free downloads available for AndroidTM and iOS.


  • Six capacitive touch control buttons

  • Proximitysensingpoweronwake

  • Smart LED lighting indicators

  • IPX4 water resistant

  • Energy Star rated

  • Available colors: - Black with Titanium or White with Silver


RIVA S Bluetooth® Wireless Speaker

External High-Power Supply
Rechargeable Battery (13 hours playing time) Dual Noise Cancellation Mic/Speaker Phone 40” 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm Connector Cable
40” RCA to 3.5 mm Cable
US, UK, EU and Asia Plugs
Ballistic Nylon, Velvet-Lined Carrying Case
Carabiner Clip
Splash-Resistant I/O Cover
IPX4 Water Resistance
Quick Start Guide
VIP Access to RIVA Nation
RIVA Audio App


Dimensions (L x W x H): Weight: 7.5 in (91 mm) x 2.5 in (64 mm) x 2.6 in (66 mm) 1.5 lb. (.70kg)

Amplifier Power: 30 Watts

Battery Playing Time: 13 hours @ 70 dB

Audio Codecs Supported: SBC, AAC, aptX®

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