Fiio E11k - Kilimanjaro2 (now called the A3) Portable Headphone Amplifier

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What we think in the Inner Sanctum:

Sometimes your favorite headphones need some extra juice. Now you don't have to leave them at home. Bring along the Fiio E11k portable amp and have all the power you need.

Let's face it, to sound their best some headphones just do not get enough power out of your phone, iPod or laptop. That's where this little powerhouse comes in. Run a mini cable from the headphone out jack of your device into the E11K and plug your headphones into it.

It's a powerful amp in a small package. And for only $60? Believe it.


From the manufacturer:

The all-aluminum alloy body and chassis gives the unit great strength, beauty and shielding from EM interference.

It can work while charging, and the 1400mAH built-in battery ensures more than 16hrs of battery life. Its new toggle switches are more reliable and easier to operate.

Fully discrete bass circuit design boosts bass effect without influencing the overall sound field. When Bass toggle is off, it bypasses the bass circuit, decreases interference and lowers the noise floor to ensure the purity of the sound quality.

Improved sound performance-
Pre amplifier OPA1642 serves as the voltage amplifier with great layering and medium and high frequency extension. Power amplifier AD8397 serves as the current amplifier, with great control of low frequencies and smooth drive ability.

Model Name/Number



92 g

Audio Input

3.5 mm stereo Jack

Volume Control

ALPS Potentiometer

Drive ability

16~150 Ω (recommend)

Battery Capacity

1400 mAh

Output Power

270 mW (32 Ω/THD+N<1%)

450 mW (16 Ω/THD+N<1%)


0.004% (1 kHz)

Frequency Response

20 Hz~20 kHz

Input Sensitivity

2.4 V (GAIN=L)

0.8 V (GAIN=H)


≥72 dB (Gain=H)


-3.8 dB (GAIN=L)

11.7 dB (GAIN=H)

MAX output voltage

8.67 Vp-p

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