At Inner Sanctum Audio, we pride ourselves on personalized service, so it is especially gratifying when we hear from satisfied customers:


"Thanks again for taking the time to come meet me with the headphones. Having now had time to listen on my Metro North commute and in the office. I have to say these things are really remarkable."

-Andy B.



"I wanted to thank you again for everything!  You made the purchasing process really easy.  It was great experience being able to sit down and try out my headset of choice with other comparable sets. I really appreciated your patience during the headset audition and how much you knew about the products.

I will definitely be returning to you for my future audio purchases."

- Daniel S.



"My first experience with Inner Sanctum was incredible. I purchased a pair of iems that were hard to find. The experience included recommendations for tips and how the product would fit.

I felt a good connection with this company and now on my second order, I have to say that the response and courtesy are top notch. The customer care here is absolutely far above other dealers in the same market arena. I highly recommend Inner Sanctum Audio and will continue to praise their business."

-Bill A.



"I just had the opportunity to travel extensively and audition my new UE-11 Pro IEM’s…
All I can say is they were absolutely perfect in fit and performance. Most importantly, they sounded great! No fatigue after a 3.5 hour flight! They did a great job of blocking the loud airplane back noise and allowed me to rest comfortably without the huge “cans” restricting my leaning against the seat headrest.
Great recommendation and service! I had never even heard of custom IEM’s until our initial consult and they proved to be exactly what I was looking for."

         - Doug R.



"I just recently purchased a pair of headphones from Inner Sanctum Audio and the customer service was flawless. They took the time to educate me on the desktop amplifiers that they carry along with precise music demonstrations."

- Andrew B.