About Us

Inner Sanctum Audio is not the everything-under-the-sun superstore. We specialize in finding the finest headphones and personal audio components at each price point and bringing them to you. We place sonics above fashion and quality above popularity.

We can arrange auditions of everything we sell in the New York metro area.  Call us at 888-237-1270 or email and we will find a mutually agreeable time and place for you to take a listen. We can meet in the business center of our building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - or we can come to you for premium product auditions.

We know that listening preferences vary from person to person. If you live outside the New York metro area and cannot arrange personal audition of our product line, read about our offerings on the website and take a leap of faith. If you don't love it, send it back. See our return policies here.

We are authorized dealers for AudioEngine, AudioQuest, Beyerdynamic, CEntrance, Fiio, Grado, iFi, Jays, Master & Dynamic, Meze, MrSpeakers, Pendulumic, RBH Sound, Riva Audio, Sennheiser, Thinksound, Ultimate Ears Pro, Vanatoo and Woo Audio.

Inner Sanctum Audio operates by appointment, letting you audition gear wherever you like in the New York metro area. We also host pop-up stores in and around New York City. Business owners, why not have us visit your workplace with our pop-up store for a day or two?

Call us at 888-237-1270.