RBH Sound EP-SB wireless Bluetooth Earphones

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What we think in the Inner Sanctum:

People often ask us, "What are the best wireless earphones for working out?"  The answer is easy. These. The RBH Sound EP-SB.

Sound you will not believe is wireless. Comfort you can wear for hours on end. Sweat-proof coating and durable construction. What more do you need?

These EP-SBs will easily ace the blindfold test. They sound better than a lot of wired earphones we have heard. The fact that they can do that while giving you the freedom of wireless is unprecedented.

These are the best workout buddy you could ever ask for.


From the manufacturer:

Designed specifically for those who are always on-the-go, the new EP-SB wireless in-ear headphones from RBH are the perfect companion during your workout, golf game, morning jog, while making dinner, or anytime you just want to listen to your music and talk without the hassle of wires.

No other Bluetooth® earphones or "buds" deliver the level of audio performance the EP-SBs can. You’ll quickly find the EP-SBs sound better than many of the wired headphones you’ve ever heard. Featuring Bluetooth® 4.0, and aptX® technologies, the EP-SB earphones provide unrestrained compatibility with the latest smartphones, computers, or any Bluetooth enabled device.

Simply pair your Bluetooth device to the EP-SB and you’re all set for hours and hours of uninterrupted high fidelity music and calls.

Since 1976, RBH has been manufacturing award winning speakers. RBH’s engineers know good sound when they hear it; they are very finicky and have spent many years developing and fine tuning the EP-SB to our sound standards. Rest assured, the latest in wireless and in-ear headphone technology has been built into the EP-SB so they not only meet our strict requirements, they also exceed your high expectations. While it’s impractical to take your speakers with you, now you can take RBH’s high performance with you wherever you go.

• Compact, lightweight, portable design for easy traveling and comfort during light sport activities.
• Enjoy wireless music and receive a phone call at the same time
• Control switch for song functions with auto-mute when receiving an incoming phone call.
• NFC technology for easy pairing and connecting.
• Includes aptX® CODEC technology to enjoy CD quality sound. (Source must also have aptX®).
• IPX4 rated using nano-coating technology, sweat and rain proof.
• Comply™ active (blue) tips for comfort during sporting activities. Large attached to earphones, medium included.
• Comply™ isolation (black) tips in medium included.
• Silicone ear tips in small, medium and large sizes included.
• Durable storage pouch for on-the-go protection and convenience.

With the EP-SBs, you’re always in control. The in-line control module gives you full control of your music, you can play, pause, skip next and skip back with the simple touch of a button. You can even answer and make hands-free phone calls, all while you’re on the go.

"I couldn’t believe the fidelity…this is the best wireless headphone experience I have had…you don’t even know you are listening to wireless headphones."– Gene DellaSala --

To guarantee you’re pleased with the EP-SB’s sound and fit, RBH has included six sets of tips. Not only do you get standard silicone tips (S,M,L), but for increased performance, they’ve also included two sets of Comply® active tips and a set of Comply® isolation tips.  You’ll find the EP-SBs are so secure and comfortable, that you may forget they are there! Even if you turn up the heat, they’ve got you covered – the EP-SBs are treated with a special, technological nano hydrophobic coating process that protects your EP-SBs from exposure to sweat and other damaging liquids.

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