Pendulumic Stance S1+ Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

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What we think in the Inner Sanctum:

If we gave you the blindfold test, you would end up saying, "THIS is wireless???"

The Stance S1+ was the first Bluetooth headphone we ever heard that made us sit up and really listen. It was not long ago that every wireless headphone sounded just plain bad. These sound great!

Innovative technology and audiophile know-how combined to make the first Bluetooth headphones with no sonic compromises. 

Fantastic comfort is another benefit of the Stance S1+. Plush ear cups let you listen all day if you want to, and dual batter supply makes it possible. The S1+ contains a rechargeable battery (like all wireless headphones) and adds a compartment for two AAA batteries to keep your music flowing for as long as you need.

And all of this for under $200?  A no-brainer for you, and an awesome gift for your buds.


From the manufacturer:

Designed for the STUDIO. Built for FREEDOM. Priced for EVERYONE.

No other wireless headphone is equipped to give you all that STANCE S1+ does. Period. That’s what the freedom of wireless, CD-quality sound is all about. It’s amplified bliss, or reference-quality wired. It’s an immersive,over-ear sonic experience.

Moreover, it even makes calls. That’s not all. STANCE S1 can also deliver up to 30 hours of continuous wireless playback. Experience the unlimited, built-in battery power of InstantOn. All at a surprisingly affordable price. And all in a thrilling new kind of concert-hall environment. To go.

The new STANCE S1+ features an enhanced sound profile with deeper bass and new, larger and extra-padded ear cushions for long-term wearing comfort.

Wireless Audio That Doesn’t Sound Wireless.
For discerning ears, it’s all about the sound. No one could build the headphones of our dreams until wireless audio was indistinguishable from wired. Until leaving cords behind didn’t indicate walking away from fidelity. With the latest Bluetooth 4.0, aptX and A2DP, you can finally hear CD-quality audio output through wireless headphones – STANCE S1 had arrived.

Unlimited Wireless Playback, From an Unmatched Power Source.
STANCE S1 will liberate you from the tyranny of cords. Add to that freedom from the misery of recharges, as well as down time. This is all thanks to lnstantOn—the industry’s only AAA-battery backup and power source. It works with the internal battery for up to 30 hours of wireless playback. And it also lets you power up instantly when out of juice. Or listen to audio for days on end, without going near an AC plug. Just pop in a couple of fresh AAAs, and you’ll be instantly up and running again. And again. That’s really something no other wireless headphone can offer. That’s what true freedom is.

Unparalleled Wireless Headphone Technology
By pumping out wireless audio with the quality of a wired connection, the newest Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX® technology leaves previous versions far behind. It has forever changed how we consume audio. And removed the final barrier to cutting the cord.

You Have To Hear It To Believe It.
We get skeptical looks when we talk about STANCE S1+ being indistinguishable from wired listening. We understand—it’s a big leap. So we came up with The PENDULUMIC Challenge, a blind, wired vs. wireless listening test that lets people at audio shows, stores, and demos prove the point to themselves. How? By not being able to choose from the two.

AutoPair Connects. So you don’t have to.
We at PENDULUMIC even took on the necessary evil of pairing. Simply because we never understood the reason for having to put a device into pairing mode each time. Isn’t doing it once enough? After answering in the affirmative, we developed AutoPair. By automatically searching for new devices, keeping track of previously-approved devices, and skipping a few unnecessary steps, STANCE S1+ pairs to new sources OR re-connects to known devices with a single press of our easy-access analog knob. Now that’s how you get connected.

We Listened, Too. And Made The Call.
Got a mobile phone call? No need to change headsets, or miss the music. STANCE S1+ automatically pauses playback, goes into phone mode, and gives you single-button wireless control (or wired, using the included cable/controller). All this comes with sealed sound clarity, a crystal-clear mic, and a 50-foot range. Afterward, STANCE S1+ automatically picks up where the music left off — without missing a beat.

Why Bluetooth 4.0? aptX? What about A2DP?

Since the wireless world seems to change every 17 minutes or so, here’s the bottom line for any audio-conscious wireless listener: Bluetooth 4.0 with the atpX add-on is the latest, best-sounding technology available for wireless audio playback of aptX (or A2DP) devices. For good reason too. It delivers CD-quality stereo audio, wirelessly. Or, in other words, it makes wireless and wired audio indistinguishable from each other. All while maximising battery life.

This is quite a big leap from previous versions, the earliest of which was compressed for voice recording. Unfortunately, for monetary and technological reasons, outdated Bluetooth versions are still being used in surprisingly-extravagant headphone products you can buy online. And the difference is huge.

Remember: For optimum audio pleasure, it’s critical to look out for Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX in your wireless playback and receiving devices. (Apple users: If your playback unit says A2DP, rest easy—that technology is embedded in Bluetooth 4.0, and optimized by STANCE S1+ for high-quality playback). You can now buy online the best Bluetooth headphones.


CSR’s aptX technology is an optional add-on to Bluetooth 4.0. Coming to the standard in STANCE S1+, it’s able to significantly reduce audio bit rates while maintaining their integrity, making for effective audio throughput, while simultaneously preserving audio quality. What this translates to is completely straightforward: pure wireless sound that doesn’t compromise on audio quality. And an impressive wireless listening experience that you just can’t get anywhere else.


The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) is a Bluetooth profile that facilitates the wireless transmission of stereo audio from an A2DP source. It is embedded into Bluetooth 4.0, so it’s completely supported and optimized by PENDULUMIC STANCE S1+ headphones. Therefore, it makes the most of any A2DP-enabled playback device. The end result is pure, full-spectrum wireless sound quality with clarity and precision that truly moves you.

Take Power. And Get Away With It.

We weren’t satisfied with the industry standard. So we made a new one. Enter our Dynamic Duo: A high-capacity internal rechargeable battery, working in tandem with the headphone industry’s first-and-only AAA battery power port. Together, the pair pumps out up to 30 hours of wireless joy. However, as impressive as that is, it’s just the beginning.

InstantOn – An Instant Hit.
Sure, our exclusive InstantOn AAA-battery backup feature is an innovative creation. And a great way to get powered up instantly — without recharging hassles — if you run out. But this same little AAA battery port offers something much bigger: Unlimited wireless playback. Meaning you never have to recharge the internal battery again, if you don’t want to. Just pop in a couple of fresh AAA’s, and you go from out of power to up and running. Then you can do it again. And again. Which means an end to down time. Or going back to the grid for a battery charge. Or limitations. You can now leave all your worries about wireless headphones’ long battery life at home. Just unending music — wherever you want to end up. Now that’s freedom.

Bluetooth® version            4.0 with aptX®           

Driver diameter            40 mm (1.6in)

Frequency response            10Hz – 22kHz with aptX® enhancement

Sound pressure level (SPL)            121dB (1 kHz / 1 Vrms)

Impedance            32Ω

External battery            2 x AAA Batteries (Alkaline recommended)*

Wireless playback duration            up to 30 hours (with external AAA batteries)

Wireless operating range            up to 50 feet (15m)

Weight            11oz (310g) (without cables or accessories)

Measurements            Ear Cup Diameter – 70mm (2.7in)


40-mm (1.6in) neodymium driver

Robust steel headband

Aluminum-steel alloy

High-quality bonded leather

Braided cable

Box Contents           


USB Charging Cable

Audio Cable


Headphone Case

User Manual & Guide

*AAA Batteries not included

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