Over-Ear Headphones

Over-Ear headphones, sometimes called full-size, around-ear or circumaural, have larger ear cups and pads that fully surround the outer ear.  These models typically provide the greatest comfort for longer listening sessions and a fuller, more immersive listening experience. 

Over-ear headphones may be of open-back or closed-back design. Open designs sometimes deliver a more natural soundstage, while closed sealed designs offer isolation from ambient noise.  

Over-ear headphones can vary greatly in efficiency, and some models will benefit from the use of a headphone amplifier.  Inner Sanctum Audio will note in product descriptions when an amplifier is recommended for a particular model.

It used to be that full-size headphones were intended to be used inside the home while smaller on-ear and in-ear models were used on the go. Well that rule has been smashed to bits. It is now acceptable (and fashionable) to sport large cans while out and about. If a portable amp is needed, we'll let you know in the headphone description.