Jays U-Jays Headphones (black)

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What we think in the Inner Sanctum:

*** NOTE - Price reduction from Jays! The u-JAYS are now only $119 (previously $200). A good value has turned into a crazy-good deal! ***

The u-JAYS are among the coolest looking headphones we have ever seen. And we should point out that their ultra-modern design aesthetic is matched by their comfort and brilliant sound.

Perfect for being out on-the-go, u-JAYS are a minimalist masterpiece - sleek lines, light weight and a 3-button remote and microphone for taking calls. We love the matte black Darth Vader vibe, too.

The sound is rich and detailed, with a clarity in the treble that is very rare at this price point.  Overall, with its new lower price, the U-JAYS are a flat-out bargain.



From the manufacturer:

Decoding the headphone

u-JAYS represents a reduction of complexity, distilled to its essence. Developed over a two year long journey by revisiting the basics and meticulously uncovering the essential criteria that lies behind a pair of on-ear headphones, it is an embodiment of a seamless blend of balanced sound, lasting comfort and effortless aesthetics.

Balanced sound

Revel in crystal clear details and get a kick from a deep bass response with u-JAYS open and dynamic sound. Designed to let the earcups and ear cushions work together as an acoustic system and a pair of high quality dynamic speakers with Japanese Silk-diaphragm, you can look forward to enjoying a remarkable music experience every day, wherever you are.

A new class of comfort

Savor your favorite music in everyday use with u-JAYS superior sound isolation, which delivers better quality sound at a lower volume, protecting your hearing in the long run. Your comfort over long periods of use is ensured by soft viscoelastic ear-cushions which adapt to the shape of your ears, and a padded lightweight spring-steel headband, which creates a fitting seal and a firm fit.

Designed to last

Increased lifespan and convenience with exchangeable ear cushions and cable for easy upgrading and replacement over time. u-JAYS also comes with a full-feature three-button remote cable made and individually optimized for either iOS, Windows or Android depending on your choice.

Decoding the headphone through a seamless blend of sound, comfort and style that will last the test of time, underlined by our trademark emphasis on quality and an attention to details.

That in essence, is what u-JAYS is all about.

The acoustic system

u-JAYS is designed to let the earcups and ear cushions work together as an acoustic system. In addition to the custom developed 40 mm dynamic speaker with Japanese Silk-diaphragm, vent holes covered with acoustic tuning filters are evenly distributed 360° around the speaker. This feature optimizes the air-flow through the system, resulting in greatly improved details and a deeper bass response.

Exchangeable ear-cushions in stunning metal finishes

The viscoelastic ear cushions conform to the shape of your ears and remain comfortable over time. Together with the spring-steel headband, they create a tight and fitting seal that improves sound quality and limits sound leakage. Being exchangeable, you can replace them over time. Designed with a soft Korean leather-like material and a striking touch of metal.

Full feature remotes

u-JAYS comes with a full-feature three-button remote in black or white with different metal finishes to match your smartphone, computer and style. Optimized for either iOS, Windows or Android depending on your choice.

Tough metal core for increased strength

Built to last with core parts of its construction made in metal for additional strength, u-JAYS stainless steel core is essentially designed as a one piece unit for increased strength. All wires are encased within the frame and screws are fully integrated for enhanced protection against the effects of everyday and long-term use.

Wrapped in comfort and style

As one of its key physical components, u-JAYS headband is designed for strength while maximizing comfort and style. Made from spring-steel, the silicone skinned headband is both strong and flexible, providing a firm grip and ample support while minimizing strain on your ears.

Balanced proportions

Durability extends beyond construction and materials; it also speaks to the durability of the appearance itself. Clean, understated and designed for a timeless appeal, u-JAYS has been crafted with focus on balanced proportions while stripping away the inessential, factoring in the complex geometric freedom required for a great fit.

  • General

    • Type: On-ear headphones
    • Sound impression: Balanced with rich mids and natural highs.
  • Headphones

    • Finish: Matte, metal
    • Cushions: Exchangeable. Viscoelastic
    • Isolation: Closed

Weight: 224 g (7.9 oz)

  • Remote

    • Type: Full-feature, three-button remote
    • Microphone: MEMS technology
    • Made for: iOS, Windows or Android
  • Speaker

    • Type: JAYS 40 mm dynamic
    • Sensitivity: 100 dB SPL @ 1 kHz
    • Impedance: 32 Ohm @ 1 kHz
    • Frequency responce: 10 - 20 000 Hz
  • Cable

    • Type: Exchangeable. TPE coated, Kevlar reinforced
    • Length: 135 cm (53 in)
    • Plug: I-shaped, Silver-Plated 3.5mm (1/8 in) Stereo Plug
  • Accessories

    • Protective bag

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