Beyerdynamic T51i Headphones

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What we think in the Inner Sanctum:

Simply one of the best on-ear portables we have found. The T51i is light and comfy, but still provides great isolation and superb sound quality.

If you think only full-size over-ear can provide rich satisfying sound, please take a listen to the remarkable T51i. Deep bass and terrific sound across the whole spectrum make rivals larger and more costly models.

Sleek modern looks and great comfort round out the total package. The T51i is a surefire winner.


From the manufacturer:

The focus for design of the T51i is delivering unrivalled sound quality. With new and improved drivers the headphones deliver in an inspiring way – right from the first moment. A particularly deep bass response and transparent, clear highs are apparent from the T 51 i due to the common properties that make all Tesla headphones so special: high efficiency and low distortion. The result: a clear, powerful sound across the entire frequency range, even at low levels. The closed design of the T 51 p also isolates external noise very effectively.

Being an officially licenced product, you can be sure, that the T51i works smoothly on your iPod, iPhone or iPad. With the three-button remote and mic, you can use your T 51 i to control calls and media playback. All functions (except the volume up and down) work on other current smartphones and tablet computers as well, including most current Android devices. Not campatible with Windows smartphones and tablet computers..

The shiny beyerdynamic logo on the housing caps stands in sharp contrast with the brushed metal surfaces of the ear-cups. The cable has also been improved to be more stable and has a satin finish which results in less cable noise. A light champagne tone lends the headphones a very elegant appearance and raises the T 51 p above the plastic monotony of most – even more expensive – headphones with its all-metal construction.

With its metal fully-adjustable headband and swivelling earcups the T51i fits perfectly on your head and confirms beyerdynamic’s long-established reputation for producing headphones with excellent wearing comfort. The ear pads made of super-soft synthetic leather fit the contour of the outer ear thanks to its viscoelastic filling (a memory foam).

PRACTICAL, EVEN WHEN TRAVELINGThanks to the swivelling earcups the T51i folds up compactly and fits in the included rugged nylon carry case. A high-quality 6.35 mm adapter is included for listening on premium hi-fi equipment or headphone amplifiers, an airplane adapter is also included so you can enjoy a superior experience of in-flight entertainment.

An Overview: Features of the T 51 i
With convenient 3-button remote control and microphone for phone calls and media playback (Apple compatible)
Outstanding balanced and powerful sound quality with brilliant treble and deep bass reproduction
Tesla technology with highest efficiency
Excellent ambient noise attenuation
Swivelling earcups 90°
Incl. rugged nylon carrying case
Incl. 1/4" jack adapter (6,35 mm)
Incl. in-flight adapter
Incl. adapter for non Apple compatible devices

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