Ultimate Ears UE18 Pro In-Ear Monitors (universal fit DEMO unit)

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NOTE - this is our universal fit demo unit with about 3 hours of usage on them.  May be fitted with many types of ear tips.


What we think in the Inner Sanctum:

THE UE18 has six balanced armature drivers in each ear with a sophisticated four-way crossover tuned to provide the ultimate listening experience.

There may be companies out there cramming more drivers into each ear, in what has become something of an arms-race, but there is no reason to. Sound does not get any better than this. Clarity and detail like you have never heard before. This is not hype - we mean it.

UE Pro monitors require ear-molds to be taken by a qualified audiologist. (Don't worry. We'll help you find one in your area.) The molds are then sent to UE, and your custom-made monitors are crafted to fit only you. This provides the utmost in comfort, isolation and sound quality.


From the manufacturer:

The Pinnacle of sound design.

  • Designed for those who demand the best
  • No other custom in-ear monitor offers this level of detail, clarity, separation, or imaging.

Award-Winning Design

  • Our award winning in-ear monitor design combines 6 balanced armatures, multiple passive crossovers, and 3 acoustically tuned sound chambers to offer the absolute best audio technology available today.

Advanced Acoustics

  • 6 proprietary balanced armatures offer the best possible acoustics.

Precision Audio

  • 4 passive crossover points direct sound with precision.

Three Distinct Channels

  • The patented triple bore sound channels keep the lows, mids and highs separate until they interact with your eardrum.

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