RBH Sound EP3 w/mic

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What we think in the Inner Sanctum:

RBH already had a real winner with their EP2 earphones. Now they have gone and topped themselves by introducing the EP3. For a company primarily known for their award-winning home theater speakers, they are putting some longtime earphone makers to shame.

The stellar sound quality, build quality and comfort of the EP3 are superior to many brands' models costing much more. This is not sales hype. We're giving it to you straight. These are among our favorite earphones art any price, and the introductory sale price makes them an outright steal.

More comfortable over long listening sessions than most brands, with a multitude of ear-tip options included. Impactful and detailed bass, with clear, beautiful mids and highs, the sound will surprise you. An upgraded cable, microphone and new ceramic housings make a great earphone even better. Grab a pair before the impending price increase!

From the manufacturer:

EP3 Noise Isolating Earphones deliver the high fidelity our company is known for to your iPhone©, iPod©, MP3 player, smart phone or other personal audio player. Our continuous quest for optimal performance led us to the use of ceramic housing. Ceramic due to its relatively neutral acoustic properties, improves audio performance resulting in high fidelity while providing a polished visually stunning appearance. The microphone and smartphone control module adds several convenience functions with just the push of a button. By activating functions with a single button, the earphones become almost hands-free with the microphone close to the mouth and jaw area for clearer conservations. Regular earbuds, like the ones that come with your player, just can't match the EP3’s performance, control or noise isolation capabilities! These durable and stylish earphones come with a protective carrying pouch, a cord clip, ear cushions of two types: Comply™ Foam Tips in medium and large, and silicone ear cushions in small, medium and large for a comfortable and personalized fit.

The BIG RBH sound we have incorporated into our tiny earphones is now even better. The EP3 is the successor to our extremely popular EP1 and EP2 earphones. Our goal with the EP3 was to retain the great award winning sound of the EP1 and EP2 earphones while making enhancements where enhancements could be made. The EP3 is a completely new RBH in-ear monitor (IEM) built from the ground up. A new 8mm driver element and tuned ceramic casing is used for the EP3 which improves the frequency response characteristics of the EP1/EP2 models by offering extended bass and high frequency output. The result is a more refined listening experience, with better bass definition and more high frequency detail to the sound. We have also improved reliability and durability of the earphone by using a new fabric/TPE composite cable in conjunction with the aluminum jack and controller using a specially designed strain relief elements which will ensure you will enjoy the great sound of these earphones for years to come.

Model Name: ... EP3
Drive Size: ... 8mm Dynamic Dome
Rated Power: ... 3mW
Max Power: ... 10mW
Impedance: ... 16 Ohms
Frequency Range: ... 10Hz~20KHz
Sensitivity: ... 95dB/1mW (S.P.L. @ 1kHz)
Noise Isolation: ... 16dB w/Comply™ Foam Tips
Input Connection: ... 3.5mm Mini-jack
Cable Length: ... 1.2m (±0.03m)
Color: ... Ceramic/Gloss Black
Warranty: ... 2 Years

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