WyWires Red Series Headphone Cables

WyWires Red Series Headphone Cables

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What we think in the Inner Sanctum:

Take your MrSpeakers (or other ultra-premium) headphones to the next level with the Red Headphone Cables from WyWires.  The best headphones scale up with improvements to every link in the audio chain. They sound even better with better amps, better DACs and yes, better cables.

WyWires are high quality cables with no voodoo, no magic pixie dust and no nonsense. Just great sound for a reasonable price.

We will special-order any connector type for any brand headphones, as well as custom adaptors, or custom length cables. Let us know what you need!


From the manufacturer:

Designed to liberate audio signals from the adverse characteristics of stock cables, this all-new series provides an instant upgrade to high-quality headphones with replaceable cables.

The Red Series’ physical design was engineered to provide optimum weight, flex and texture for comfortable, tangle-free use. Free of excessive mass and unnecessary materials, our RED Series cables provide the headphone user with a sonic upgrade without adversely affecting established ergonomics.

Red Series highlights:
All-new design created exclusively for reference headphones
Hand-crafted in the USA
Up to 4x the conductivity of stock cables without adding unwanted mass
Reduces capacitance that causes time-delay smearing and transient masking
Reduces signal cross-talk for a deep, immersive soundstage for all music genres

WyWires products produce natural textures with strong leading edges, while at the same time we take away the grungy, metallic annoyances.

Actual performance is system-dependent. This is why we require a consultation prior to purchase. We strive to provide our customers with the following improvements over their existing cables:

– Totally silent background between notes
– State of the art realism, especially vocals
– Greatly expanded soundstage in all dimensions including the vertical
– Take the edge off sibilance (SSS’s) while enhancing inner detail
– Present instruments in their lifelike scales
– The most natural rendering of tone, timbre, attack and decay
– State of the art definition and resolution of complex passages
– Excellent low-frequency performance that belies the size of your woofers
– Virtual elimination of irritation or listening fatigue


Red Series Adaptors will work with virtually any headphone with detachable cables and any amplifier, DAC, DAP, iPhone, iPod…the list is long. If we can source the connectors we can accommodate our customers’ needs. Our extension cable gives you tremendous flexibility (literally!) and freedom.

Headphone Cables:
Terminates to common source connectors: ¼”, ⅛”, dual 3-pin XLR, balanced 4-pin XLR
Standard 5 foot cable with additional lengths & extensions available upon request
Available with connections for Sennheiser HD580, HD600, HD650, HD700, HD800; Audeze LCD-2, LCD-3, LCD-X, LCD-XC; HiFiMAN HE-4, HE-6, HE-300, HE-400, HE-500 – more to come.

Other headphone connections will be available upon special request.

All above connectors available for Adaptors, in various combinations

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