Beyerdynamic DT770, the "Studio Legend" is ON SALE

Posted by David Lackey on

This does not happen very often. Beyerdynamic, the venerable German manufacturer of superb headphones, is letting us discount one of their most popular models, the DT770 for the next two weeks.  

So, until the end of March, you can snag a DT770 studio monitor headphone for $179.99 (manufacturer's list price is $299.99).

The DT770 is considered an indispensable work tool by recording studio engineers the world over. In recent years, it has also become popular with audiophiles and music lovers because of its amazing bang-for-the-buck sound quality.  We carry the 32 ohm version, so it sounds great with a portable music player or cellphone as a source - no other amp needed.

For details, click here: Beyerdynamic DT770

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