Apple killed the headphone jack in the iPhone 7. No problem…

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Among the big announcements at Apple’s press conference yesterday was the fact that the iPhone 7 will not have a traditional headphone jack. It had been rumored for months and now it’s confirmed.

 iPhone headphone jack

Today the internet is ablaze with disgruntled music lovers who see this as Apple (yet again) using its power to force consumers into buying something new from them only to accommodate their proprietary lightning jack/cable setup. And you can be sure that Apple will be flooding the market with Beats headphones (owned by Apple) armed with lightning connectors. They will also be pushing new wireless Bluetooth models, like the ridiculous looking AirPods.


So, what should you do if you plan on snagging an iPhone 7?

It depends on how and why you listen to headphones…


If you like the headphones you already have and are only listening when you are out and about, Apple is including a lightning-to-3.5mm headphone adapter with the new iPhone. If it works well, you’re all set (until you lose it and have to buy another one).


If you listen at your desk, and like to charge your phone while you listen…well there’s a problem. This arrangement will force you into using wireless Bluetooth earphones. Luckily, the quality of newer models will surprise you, and prices have come down dramatically. See our collection of wireless models for sale below. Once you try wireless, it is hard to go back!


If you consider yourself an audiophile, or at least a music lover that also can appreciate better sound quality, you may want to consider an outboard DAC (digital-to-analog-converter) and headphone amp. This is a gadget that attaches to your iPhone’s lightning jack (or usb-mini if you’re an Android user) and pulls out the digital music signal, converts it to audio better than your phone can, and then amplifies it way better than your phone can…resulting in a superior music listening experience. Our favorite is the CEntrance DACportable - truly amazing sound and versatility to work with any type of headphones. Also includes bass boost and treble boost to tailor the sound just the way you like it.


So don’t worry so much about losing that headphone jack. You can use the adapter, go wireless, or amp it up!



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