Welcome Sennheiser to our stable of brands

Posted by David Lackey on

We at Inner Sanctum Audio are super-excited to announce the addition of Sennheiser to our headphone product line. In fact it was Sennheiser's classic model HD414 that started my own love affair with personal audio (more years ago than I care to admit).

As Sennheiser's newest U.S. authorized dealer, we will be starting with their most popular models, the Momentum M2, the Urbanite and more.  If there is a model you want, but do not see on our site, just drop us a line and we'll get it for you.

Founded in 1945, Sennheiser is a leader in the audio industry with loyal fans all over the world. Their microphones and headphones can be found in professional recording studios, on concert stages and increasingly in homes and commuter trains.

This is brand built on technology and quality. Making products that sound great takes precedence over fashion and fads, and that fits right in with our mission here at Inner Sanctum Audio. Check out Sennheiser today.

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